How to Break Windows Password By Yourself

People want to set an account and password to protect their computer privacy. However, forget windows password comes along with this action. To the computer uses who do not operate computer skillful will have no idea to break windows password as soon as it happen. Always they will ask friends or technician for help. Now, I will teach you how to break windows password by yourself, no need to seek help from others, you can also reset the password successfully.

Method 1: Break in Safe Mode.
Break windows password in safe mode usually is the first choice, for it do not need nothing precondition.
First, you should restart your computer, and keep pressing Del/F8/F2 to enter the Safe mode.
Second, after enter the safe mode, you can see the default administrator account, just click it to enter the system.
Third, open User Account in control panel, pick the account you have forgotten the password to change the password.
At last, restart the computer, you will log on with the newly created password or without password .

Method 2: Break with reset disk.
This method need a precondition, that’s you must created a reset disk before. If you don’t have reset disk, skip this method to read the methods 3.
First, when you enter the password, if the password is wrong it will have a prompt, click ok to shut down the warn message box.
Second, click reset windows password and insert the windows password reset disk you have created before right now.
Third, do as the password reset wizard instruction, then you can create a new and password.
At last, you can log on with the new password.

Method 3: Break with Windows Password Reset
To get help with the third part tool usually the fast and easy way. Here I recommend the Windows Password Reset, it can help you to break your forgotten windows password easily and safely.
First, you should have a computer which can connect the internet to download Windows Password Reset and burn Windows Password Reset ISO to CD/DVD, or USB.
Second, insert the newly created CD/DVD or USB to the computer you want to reset password and reboot your computer
Third, just follow the prompts step by step to reset the account you forgot the password.
In the end, restart the computer, you will log on without password.

In the three methods above, always one can help to break windows password. As long as you do, you can solve the problem by yourself, and you can also help your friends who meet such trouble.

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