Remove Windows 7 Password without Causing Any Data Loss?

Remove Windows 7 password when you lost or forgot it.
One of the great features of Windows 7 is User account password protection. Creating a strong and unique password for Windows 7 could help users prevent any unauthorized access. No one would ever recommend you to recover Windows 7 password. But there are times when you lost or forgot Windows 7 password, then in order to get access to your locked computer again, you need to figure out ways to remove the lost Windows 7 password.

We all know it’s easier to reset Windows 7 password when the computer is accessible, compared with removing Windows 7 password after it is forgotten or lost. Below are the simple steps:
Recover Windows 7 password when you can log on with available account
Step 1: Click Start > Control Panel > User Accounts and Family Safety > User Accounts.
Step 2: Click Remove your password.
Step 3: Type your current Windows 7 password in the text box on the following screen.
Step 4: Click Remove Password button to confirm that you'd like to remove your Windows 7 password.
remove windows 7 password
Perform Windows 7 password removal when you forgot Windows 7 password.
If you have lost or forgotten your Windows 7 password, you then cannot remove it with the above steps. So would the Windows 7 password removal at this time be very difficult? Not exactly, you can make it with some easy and productive methods.

Method1: Remove hard drive, and backup, format, reinstall.
This method requires you to reinstall your computer if you have a Windows 7 installation disc in hand. Otherwise you cannot reset Windows 7 password in this way.
To perform this method, first you’d better to take out your hard drive and put it into another computer in order to backup your data. Then format the hard drive, and put it back to the locked computer. In the end, reinstall Windows with the installation disc.
(Note: The big problem of removing Windows 7 password in this way is data loss. If you don’t have so much important data on your computer, you can do this Windows 7 password removal. But if you just do not want your data losing, you then can move to Method2.

Method2: Remove Windows 7 password with professional Windows password remover.
Many commercial and professional password remover tools are available that allow you to reset and remove the Windows 7 password. But here I’d like to recommend Windows Password Reset Pro to you for I am personally using this tool. It is easy to use, and you can remove your forgotten password with the following steps.
Step1: Download Windows Password Reset Pro and install it to another accessible computer properly.
Step2: Run this program and insert the CD/DVD/USB Flash Drive to this computer, and then click “Burn CD/DVD” or “Burn USB” button to start burning an ISO image file to the CD/DVD/USB.
Step3: After finishing the burning, remove the CD or DVD from the computer and then insert this CD or DVD to the locked computer.
Step4: Set the locked computer to boot from CD/DVD/USB in BIOS.
Step5: Remove the forgotten windows 7 password with burned CD/DVD/USB.

It’s quite easy to remove Windows 7 password with Windows Password Reset, right? Even you could feel no need to worry about any other things like data loss, taking long time etc. If you are in need, why not just take it a try?

Resource: http://www.windowspasswordreset.net/article/remove-windows-7-password.html


Find Windows 7 Password Back With Alternative Ways !

How to find Windows 7 password on my laptop?
“Recently my brother has got on my Windows 7 laptop and having found out my password changed it. He has now forgotten the password so I cannot get past the logon screen. I would be very grateful if you could tell me whether there is any way I can find out my password or change it?”

Have Windows 7 password changed by family member… Do you have similar sufferings? I am not sure you do or do not. Whatever, I know there are many computer users today who are facing such problem. So, I decide to write this article to share some basic knowledge of ways to find forgotten or lost Windows 7 password.

Enable Windows 7 built-in Administrator account
If you are using Windows XP, you may know a good way to get back the forgotten XP password is to unhide the Windows built-in administrator account. Then can we still use the same way to retrieve a forgotten Windows 7 password as you may wonder? I am afraid I have to tell you “No”. This is because the account (built-in administrator) in Windows 7 or Vista, is disabled by default, so that we cannot use it until we enable it. If you have your Windows 7 administrator account which was the account you used day to day locked out, but you have other standard user account or guest user account, you then can enable this Windows 7 built-in Admin to reset your forgotten admin password. Now follow the below steps to enable the built-in Admin:
Step1: Log on with other accessible user account which is not with administrative privileges.
(Note: If you have other administrative user account on your Windows 7 computer, you can directly use that account to reset your forgotten password and skip this method.)
Step2: Open the Local Users and Groups management from “My Computer>>Management”.
Step3: In the left pane, please click on the Users folder. Then Click on Administrator in the middle pane. Next, click on Properties.
Step4: Uncheck the Account is disabled box, then click OK to finish.
Step5: Log off your computer and you will see the built-in Administrator logon icon enabled from the log on screen. Then just click on it without entering any password to log on to built-in admin and next reset your forgotten Windows 7 password from Control Panel there.

Make usage of third-party Windows 7 password recovery application
Many people would fail to get their Windows 7 password back by enabling the built-in administrator account due to having no other access to their PC. Therefore, some well-known software providers seize this marketing opportunity and produce some very efficient applications to recover Windows 7 password. The most famous one is “Windows Password Reset” of course which is specially designed for recovering lost & forgotten Windows 7 password with advanced techniques. To use this app to find Windows 7 login password is quite easy too, almost several clicks of buttons are needed. Don’t believe that? All the results will be found in this site with step-by-step tutorial guide: http://www.windowspasswordreset.net/how_it_works/how_it_works_cd.html
Resource:  http://www.windowspasswordreset.net/article/find-windows-7-password.html


A New Name with New Features to Reset Windows Admin Password

Hi, everyone. This post is devoted to Windows Password Reset Deluxe. Judging from the name, it is perhaps an application to recover Windows password. Indeed, it is and it can help you reset Windows admin password and passwords for other Windows OS such as Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2000, 2003, 2008 etc.
If you have been locked out from your PC for Windows administrator password forgotten or lost, then this application—Windows Password Reset Deluxe which is the latest version of Windows Password Reset can do you a big favor.
This newly version brings you a couple of great new features and several important improvements over its previous versions: Windows Password Reset Std, Pro. Now please keep on reading and let’s find what these new features are.
New Features of Windows Password Reset Deluxe
Firstly Windows Password Reset Deluxe is not only able to reset Windows administrator password, but also able to change it directly. Furthermore, a new administrator account with password protected can be even created when the computer is already locked with this new version.
More intuitive and user-friendly interface providing easier Windows password recovery process is another great feature of this new version. Users only need do several mouse of clicks and then the locked computer can be accessed within minutes. For the step-by-step tutorial on the operation of Windows Password Reset Deluxe can click How to reset windows password.
Availability and Customer-oriented Service Provided
Everyone has a chance to free download trial version of Windows Password Reset Deluxe at this site: http://www.windowspasswordreset.net . But for full function of this new application, one should purchase its full version. Once you get the full version of this new version, you then can reset Windows password whenever you like. And if you have any problem during the operation, you can get a timely technical support from our Customer Service.


Hack Windows XP Password With 2 Easy Ways

Forgetting Windows XP password for many computer users is never something rare, at least for me. In the past, I felt depressed when forgetting my XP password. But now I clearly understand that “forgot password≠can’t login”. Yes, sometimes, if you forgot password, it doesn’t mean you have completely lost the access to its account. Don’t you believe it? Then let’s prove it with the following 2 easy ways to recover Windows XP password.

  1. Hack Windows XP password from safe mode without knowing its original password.
  2. Restart your computer and keep pressing F8 to enter into Safe Mode.
2.  From the menu, select boot in safe mode with command prompt.
3.  Once you’re at the command prompt, type “net users” (without quotes)
4.  You will see a list of usernames. Pick the username that you’ve forgotten and type “net users username *” (without quotes, replace username with a real username from that username list)
5.  You will be asked to enter a new password and a second reconfirmation.
6.  Press enter and you will be told that your username password has been changed successfully.
Done! Now you can re-access to your blocked XP machine with a new password.
  1. Hack XP password with Windows Password Cracker.
If you failed to break Windows XP password with the above way, then you can try this way: using Windows Password Cracker to create a Windows XP password reset disk to remove the forgotten password directly.
Here’s how to use Windows Password Cracker to create a bootable XP password reset disk.
Step1: Download and install. First you have to download this tool to an accessible computer. And then install, run it correctly.
Step2: Prepare for a blank and writable CD/DVD/USB Flash Drive. Next, insert it to the computer and click “Burn CD/DVD” button on the interface. Then, it starts burning process.
Step3: As soon as burning process finishes, you just take out the CD from PC. Until here, it means a Windows XP password reset disk has been created.
Here’s how to use the burned XP password reset disk to remove XP password.
Step1: Insert the burned disk to the target/locked PC.
Step2: Start the computer and then set this PC boot from CD-ROM in BIOS.
Step3: Start to hack Windows XP login password by simply clicking the “Reset” button.
Step4: Reboot the PC, and log in Windows without password.
Resource: http://www.windowspasswordcracker.com/blog/hack-xp-password.html

How Can I Remove Password in Windows XP?

Whenever we find it’s no need to log in our Windows XP computer with entering a password again and again, we can easily remove Windows XP password to let the computer boot automatically. Someone may not know how to remove Windows XP password, now let’s follow the below easy steps on Windows XP password removing.
You first just go to “Start->Control Panel->User Accounts”. Then under “pick an account to change”, select the account whose password you want to remove from. Next just press “Remove my password”. You now enter the password to the account. Finally, press “OK” to finish Windows XP password removing.
(P.S. Note: Make sure you are logged in from your admin account on the PC before removing Windows XP password.)
Of course, soon you will find the above steps to remove Windows XP password only works on the basis that you haven’t forgotten or lost the Windows XP password and your computer is still logged in.

What if you have forgotten or lost password on Windows XP on your PC and you have been totally locked out from it, then how to remove the password? Well, at this time, you might have to resort to Windows Password Recovery software such as Windows Password Recovery Tool, which is a professional program for password reset in any Windows-based computer. It is very easy to use this program to reset or remove the forgotten Windows XP password for you with burning a password reset disk on a CD/DVD or USB flash drive. Below are the step-by-step tutorials:
Get Windows Password Recovery Tool here.
Step1: Install and run this program on any accessible Windows-based computer. (not the locked one).
Step2: Insert a blank and writable CD/DVD Standard to it to make a bootable Windows XP password reset disk. Once the burning finishes, take out the disk.
Step3: Insert the created password reset disk to the target computer and set this PC boot from CD/DVD/USB.
Step4: Start to Windows XP password remover with the password reset disc by following the wizard on the below interface:

In this way, you can remove forgotten Windows XP password in a few seconds and all the data or files stored on your computer will be completely safe and no any other changes will be caused to your computer as well.
Source: http://www.windowspasswordsrecovery.com/remove-xp-password.htm


3 Tools to Hack Windows Password Easily and Effectively

Forgetting a computer password is nothing terrible anymore, although it might seem to lose access to your computer. Thankfully, there are lots of free and commercial utilities that you can use to hack Windows password and rescue your locked computer. These utilities will reset your password or even change a new password for you, which all grantee you successful access to your machine. Let’s see what these utilities are:

1. Freeware to crack Windows password—Ophcrack
Ophcrack is a free password cracking tool that is based on the rainbow tables’ brute forcing techniques. Up to now, Ophcrack has been rewarded as the best freeware to reset Windows password. If you don't have access to any accounts on your computer, you may need to use Ophcrack's Live CD. Please follow the below steps:
Step1: Download Opcrack at this page: http://ophcrack.sourceforge.net/. Later, install and launch it on an accessible computer.
Step2: Start up Ophcrack and select the account you want to hack password for. Then click "Crack" to begin the process of recovering your password. This may take a while, so be patient.
Step3: Log into that account with your newly recovered password. Be sure to remember the password from now on. (Note: Shortcomings of Ophcrack are: a). Unable to crack complicated password. b). Taking quite a long time for password recovery process.)

2. Freeware Windows password hacker—PC Login Now
PC Login Now, like Ophcrack which is also a freeware program to hack Windows password. It removes passwords rather than displaying them. Once it is downloaded, you burn the image to Ophcrack and will automatically remove the password and boot into your operating system straight away. For the specific steps you can refer here: http://www.pcloginnow.com/. Likewise, as a typical free password recovery program, PC Login also has the similar disadvantages as what Ophcrack has.

3. Professional and commercial Windows password hack tool—Windows Password Cracker Std
Compared as the above 2 free utilities, this one—Windows Password Cracker obviously is more professional, efficient and functional in Windows password hack. With this tool, you can perform Windows password hack on any Windows-based machines and hack any Windows password no matter how long or how complicated it is. Don’t you believe that? Then, let’s prove it:
Step1: Download Windows Password Cracker and install it to a non-problem computer. (Note: This computer should be accessible.)
Step2: Prepare for a blank CD/DVD.
Step3: Insert the CD/DVD to the computer and create the Windows password reset disk by burning the Windows Password Cracker ISO files to the CD/DVD.
 windows password hack
Step4: Insert the created disk to your locked computer, and boot the computer with CD/DVD.
Step5: Hack and reset the forgotten password with that burned Windows password reset disk.
hack windows password

That’s all for the utilities on Windows password hack. Any questions on the operation of Windows Password Cracker, you can visit here to get image and video tutorial guide: http://www.windowspasswordcracker.com/howtouse/howtouse_std.html


Forgot Windows XP Password? 2 Solutions Introduced to Help You

Forgot Windows XP password or got it hacked by others?
Internet security is based on a “weakest link” principle, and passwords are often the only thing standing between a hacker and access to your computer. If your password is weak, you make it quite easy for someone else to break in. If you password is strong, you might forget it easily then in the end you will lose access to your computer too. If you are Windows XP user, you will be quite pleased after you read this article, since in the following there are solutions introduced to solve the Windows XP password forgotten problem.

Solution 1: Directly remove the forgotten XP password on safe mode.
This is the easiest way to remove Windows XP password since you can log in Windows XP without password and do not need any password software. This is because Windows XP has a default built-in Administrator account with empty password which was created when Windows XP was installed, so this is a good and safe way to remove Windows XP password if no change for default settings of the built-in Administrator. Follow the steps below:
1. Restart the locked computer and boot it from safe mode.
2. On log on screen, click the Administrator and leave its password column blank to log on to Windows XP.
3. Now you can easily and quickly remove your forgotten Windows XP password from “Start->Control Panel->User Accounts” easily.
(Note: Any change to the defaulted administrator will make the forgotten XP password removing process in this way a failure.)

Solutions 2: Quickly reset the forgotten XP password with Windows Password Reset Std.
Compared with solution 1, this solution requires you to get a Windows password reset tool—Windows Password Reset Std and also to find an accessible computer as well as an empty CD/DVD. You may think to prepare for the above things are quite complex, actually you are wrong since using this magic tool to reset your forgotten Windows XP password won’t cost you more than 2 minutes and almost all the operations are automatic. Feel curious about it? Then let’s see how this solution works:
Step1: Download and install. Download, install and run the free Windows Password Reset Std to an accessible computer. (Not the locked computer)
Step2: Burn a password reset disk. Insert a blank and writable CD/DVD to the computer and clicking “Burn CD/DVD” to start burning a password reset disk. Once the burning finishes, take out the CD/DVD.
Step3: Start to reset forgotten XP password with the password reset disk. Insert the burned CD/DVD to the target PC and set this PC boot from CD/DVD. After that, start XP password bypass with the burned password reset disk in 2 clicks.
Source:  http://www.windowspasswordreset.net/article/forgot-windows-xp-password.html
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