Find Windows 7 Password Back With Alternative Ways !

How to find Windows 7 password on my laptop?
“Recently my brother has got on my Windows 7 laptop and having found out my password changed it. He has now forgotten the password so I cannot get past the logon screen. I would be very grateful if you could tell me whether there is any way I can find out my password or change it?”

Have Windows 7 password changed by family member… Do you have similar sufferings? I am not sure you do or do not. Whatever, I know there are many computer users today who are facing such problem. So, I decide to write this article to share some basic knowledge of ways to find forgotten or lost Windows 7 password.

Enable Windows 7 built-in Administrator account
If you are using Windows XP, you may know a good way to get back the forgotten XP password is to unhide the Windows built-in administrator account. Then can we still use the same way to retrieve a forgotten Windows 7 password as you may wonder? I am afraid I have to tell you “No”. This is because the account (built-in administrator) in Windows 7 or Vista, is disabled by default, so that we cannot use it until we enable it. If you have your Windows 7 administrator account which was the account you used day to day locked out, but you have other standard user account or guest user account, you then can enable this Windows 7 built-in Admin to reset your forgotten admin password. Now follow the below steps to enable the built-in Admin:
Step1: Log on with other accessible user account which is not with administrative privileges.
(Note: If you have other administrative user account on your Windows 7 computer, you can directly use that account to reset your forgotten password and skip this method.)
Step2: Open the Local Users and Groups management from “My Computer>>Management”.
Step3: In the left pane, please click on the Users folder. Then Click on Administrator in the middle pane. Next, click on Properties.
Step4: Uncheck the Account is disabled box, then click OK to finish.
Step5: Log off your computer and you will see the built-in Administrator logon icon enabled from the log on screen. Then just click on it without entering any password to log on to built-in admin and next reset your forgotten Windows 7 password from Control Panel there.

Make usage of third-party Windows 7 password recovery application
Many people would fail to get their Windows 7 password back by enabling the built-in administrator account due to having no other access to their PC. Therefore, some well-known software providers seize this marketing opportunity and produce some very efficient applications to recover Windows 7 password. The most famous one is “Windows Password Reset” of course which is specially designed for recovering lost & forgotten Windows 7 password with advanced techniques. To use this app to find Windows 7 login password is quite easy too, almost several clicks of buttons are needed. Don’t believe that? All the results will be found in this site with step-by-step tutorial guide: http://www.windowspasswordreset.net/how_it_works/how_it_works_cd.html
Resource:  http://www.windowspasswordreset.net/article/find-windows-7-password.html

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