Any Way to Solve Windows Won't Start

I want to know, when windows won't start, what should you do?

Today , when I open my toshiba laptop, I scared to found it can't start windows! Yesterday, I downloaded some files from your alien download site,  maybe virus invade my computer. Therefore i started it in safe mode to clear out however when i do it informs me there's a mistake with '/windows/system32/config/system' and i also ought to insert the cd and press 'r' automobile but nothing develops i truly do it. it really goes right back fot it screen. I'm using Windows 7.
From your prompt, what I can learn is my system files were damaged, and my windows won't start. I seldom contact computer expertise, so how to resolve it I realize almost nothing, what must i do? As everyone knows, the universal way to computer programs problem is re-install windows. However, it will lose my data. I've spent a month invested in my landscape design document and tomorrow I can undergo my boss. I'm regret haven't backup my design document deeply.

When meet something I've not a clue where to start, I likely to seek out the answer on the net. As i see the solution,  an authoritative answer said, the system32 file is evidence of malware. It may prevent Windows from starting when that malware fails to launch, unforunately.You can find available options for you to avoid this problem recurring. You'll be able to replace Windows - and that is highly at risk from this error - with a system within the GNU/Linux family. GNU/Linux is far more reliable, ext. A fit of dizziness came over me, it's too hard to understand!

I couldn't get a available solution to the computer won't boot .  In reality, I don't mind re-install windows, but I want my landscape design document. As i was so worried, my friend Andrew stumbled on my home, after he knew from the situation, he was quoted saying he also found such issue before, and said the guy can aid me. What he did is download a software called Tenorshare Data Recovery WinPE, it need burn into CD/DVD,or USB flash first, so set the Bios to get in it recovery windows, i quickly could opt for the data I need, and save in other disk except the disk C. After I saved my design document, Andrew also solved the problem re-install my windows.

Thank heavens, I keep my landscape design solution perfectly! Although such method still a little complex, it could possibly solve my data won't be lost problem primely. When windows won't start, How you can reduce the loss to a minimum would be the very first thing to try and do. Thence,  when such thing afflict you unluckily, I do believe my experience can help you.

And I hope to take some time in the future, to learn something about computer technology.

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