The Easiest Route to Recover Flash Card Data

It's the worst thing I can imagine happening!! I took a trip to Brazil with a group of friends and took my new Canon camera with me. I got home and hooked it up to my Mac to show my parents, except my young daughter somehow monkeyed with it and deleted all the pictures!!!! Is there any way to recover deleted pictures from the flash card (compact flash, if it matters) of my Samsung Galaxy camera?
Deep breath. And another one. Don't panic. I will share you the experience that how I do flash card recovery.
Indeed, disk formatting doesn't erase the files (until these are overwritten by other files). Once you format a Macintosh HD, the file system of disk is replaced with a different empty filing system, thus, the entries of all of the files and directories stored around the disk are erased and they also become inaccessible. But hard disk drive maintains an index file, which tells the operating system certainly where an particular file is stored. When you format the hard drive, links between index and file are deleted. The file remains physically intact. You can restore formatted files from Mac so long as an original files are certainly not overwritten by other files.
There are indeed various ways to recover deleted photos or movies from a digital camera's flash card and even if the card gets corrupted, you can often salvage the majority of its contents before you have to toss it into the circular file (or, better, reformat it and see if it'll be okay).

You can follow along me to recover flash card.
* 1. Connect your flash card to your computer
* 2. Run Data Recovery software and then you will see the main interface.
* 3. Choose your flash card to be scanned. Quick Recovery would provide a faster search for recently deleted files.
* 4. After the scanning, all result will be displayed. At this page you will see your lost files. To confirm it, you can choose to preview it and then to decide whether to recover them or not.

If you're looking for more methods to flash card data recovery, hope my experience can help you.

Kindly Remind:
1. Do not store the undeleted photos in the path where you lost them before.
2. After recovering is finished, you’d better to build a back-up for your data so that you won’t lose them again.

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