Lost iPhone Notes-Introduction to iPhone Note Recovery Technology

I accidentally deleted two very important notes about 10 minutes ago. Is there any way I can recover them? I synced with iTunes when I had them.
Have you ever deleted notes on iPhone by mistake as above? How did you solve that? Fortunately nowadays, you can easily recover notes from iPhone with the specially designed iPhone/iPad/iPod data recovery tool –Tenorshare iTunes Data Recovery.

No matter you’re using iPhone 5, 4S, 4, 3GS or previous versions, even your iPhone is damaged or broken, iTunes Data Recovery can recover iPhone notes, photos & videos, contacts, SMS, call records, memos and calendars, as long as you synced iPhone with iTunes before.

iTunes Data Recovery enables you perform iPhone note recovery caused by any reasons below:
1. iPhone cannot be accessed because of it has been disabled, iPhone/iPad/iPod disabled/locked after entering wrong password?
2. iPhone was water damaged or lost.
3. Delete notes by mistake without backup
4. Lost all of your files from iPhone because of Jailbreak or iOS upgrade,
5. Factory settings restore etc. so you lost all of your notes from your iPhone
6. Notes cannot work when you syncing from iCould or iTunes
iphone note recovery

Note: Don't sync your iPhone with iTunes when you found your note lost, to prevent the backup from updating. And don't use your iPhone for anything if you don't have any backup file, avoiding data overwritten.

Simple Steps to Recover Notes from iPhone
At the very beginning, please install the iTunes Data Recovery program and run on your personal computer.
STEP-1. When running the program on your PC, you'll get your several backup files for iDevices if you've synced more than one Apple devices with iTunes. Select the one for your iPhone, and click “Start Scan” to scan it.
STEP-2. The whole content of note on your iPhone is displayed after the scan. You can preview the content. Then check and recover it with one click.

Now, you have already got back the notes you need in two easy steps. Besides, you can also recover previous photos, contacts, videos, messages and call history. If you want to save all your data at the same time, you can give a click easily.

If you want to recover notes from iPhone directly, try Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery, as the deleted notes are not removed from iPhone actually, they are just hidden and marked as no use.

Youtube video tutorial about how to recover notes from iPhone: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xKCgTOaGrbA

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