How to Restore iPhone 5 from Old Backup

I lost my iPhone and how to retrieve the iPhone data if possible?My iphone 5 was stolen, the information of contacts and SMS are important to me, i heard that they can be recovered from the iPhone backup files, but how to do?

Tutorial 1: how to restore iPhone 5 from backup with iCloud
If you are talking about an iCloud backup that contains your What app data and now you want to restore to that backup to recover it the steps are below.  However, be aware that restoring from an earlier backup will revert all data and settings on your phone to those contained in the backup.  If you have more recent data you will need to back that up first to avoid losing it.  Be sure to sync your contacts and calendar with iCloud (Settings>iCloud>Contacts and Calendars>On) and import all your photos and videos to your computer (http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4083) before proceeding to avoid losing them.  Also, sync your phone with iTunes to transfer any recent purchases to your iTunes library and while there perform a manual backup in iTunes by right-clicking on the name of your phone on the left sidebar and selecting Backup.

When all this is done, do the following:
1. Go to Settings>General>Reset>Erase All Content & Settings
2. Go through the setup assistant again as you did when your phone was new.  During this process you will be given the option to restore from iCloud Backup (see image below).  Select this.
3. Connect your phone to your wall charger and make sure it is connected to wi-fi and let it restore.  Be patient as sometimes restoring from an iCloud backup can take hours to complete.
restore iPhone from backup

Tutorial 2: how to restore iPhone 5 from old backup with iTunes.
If you have synced your iPhone with iTunes , them you can download iPhone Data Recovery program and follow below guides to retrieve data back.

STEP-1. Choose the iPhone backup to scan
Install and run the iPhone Data Recovery program on your PC. Don't connect and sync your iPhone with iTunes when you recover data from your iPhone. You'll have to choose your device type to scan first.
After checking your device type and selecting "Recover Data from iTunes Backup File" mode, all iDevice backups will be showed here. You only need to choose the backup of your iPhone, and proceed to "Start Scan".
STEP-2. Recover iPhone 5 backup
After finish scanning, all contents in iTunes backup file have been displayed, and you can preview and check them one by one. Check those you want back and hit to "Recover" and select a path to save them.

Here are the solutions i can found to restore iPhone from backup. Feel free to leave your comments if you have more good ideas.

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